On 18th January 1701, Frederick III, Elector of Brandenburg, crowned himself "Frederick I ,King in Prussia" in Königsberg. His appropiation of the throne was not without consequences: in this way the Hohenzollerns took on the status of a European power.

300 years after the coronation, Berlin and Brandenburg are taking up their shared history : in their first appearance together in the field of cultural politics, they are using museum-related and artistic means to encourage visitors to weigh their own notions of Prussia. For an entire year, more than 600 museums and cultural institutions in the sands of the Mark will be illustrating innumerable facets of an epoch which has been largely forgotten today. "Prussia 2001" (Preussen 2001) makes us conscious of aspects of Prussian past and thus prompts new personal insights.

"Prussia 2001" is not an account of Prussia´s history. Cultural projects in historical places show the many facets of Prussia and tempt us to an active examination of a productive theme that has often been repressed.

"Prussia 2001" is being coordinated by the MD Berlin in cooperation with the Museums Assocation of the State of Brandenburg and the State Association of Museums in Berlin.

Joint Project of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg to commemorate the 300th anniversary
of the coronation of the first King in Prussia