PREUSSEN | 2001: Kalender

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From Prussian Court Actor to Fighter against the War - The Pacifist Ernst Friedrich   
Biesdorf and Marzahn - From the history of two villages   
Bezirksmuseum Marzahn-Hellersdorf  
Seven Prussian Walks - Cottbus   
Frederick the Great - Life and Work   
Friedrich-der-Große-Museum, Sinsheim-Steinsfurt  
from 14:00 to 17:00 Uhr Steinsfurt and Prussia - The Baden Steinsfurt and Frederick II   
Friedrich-der-Große-Museum, Sinsheim-Steinsfurt  
The Hohenzollern and the Oderbruch   
Letschiner Heimatstuben  
Story of the Statue of Frederick II   
Museum Mitte von Berlin  
Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds - People and Rank in 18th Century in Prussia   
Preußen-Museum NRW  
Brittle Passions - Berlin Porcelain of the 17th and 18th Century   
Preußen-Museum NRW  
Seven Prussian Walks - Neuruppin   
Stadt Neuruppin - Bürgerbahnhof  
Lively Hand Weaving Mill in the Weaver´s Town Cloister Zinna   
Weberstube Kloster Zinna  
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Joint Project of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg to commemorate the 300th anniversary
of the coronation of the first King in Prussia