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Charcoal- and Pen-And-Ink Drawings on Theodor Fontane´s Complete Works   
Altes Gymnasium Neuruppin  
Land Experienced - Theodor Fontane and the Earldom of Ruppin   
Altes Gymnasium Neuruppin  
Signs of Endless Change   
Berliner Dom  
Bettine and the King - Correspondence between the Romantic Writer and King Friedrich Wilhelm IV   
Bettina und Achim von Arnim-Museum im Künstlerhaus, Wiepersdorf  
From King in Prussia to German Emperor - The Way of the German Unification as viewed by the Neuruppin Illustrated Broadsheets   
Bilderbogen-Galerie Neuruppin  
Seven Prussian Walks - Cottbus   
10:00 Uhr Prussian City Walk and Tour of the Spremberg Tower   
Poets in Prussia - History of Literature and Policy in the 18th Century   
Das Gleimhaus - Literaturmuseum und Forschungsstätte  
Between War and Peace - Military and Society in Brandenburg - Prussia from 1700 until Today. Garrison City of Prenzlau (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Dominikanerkloster Prenzlau - Kulturhistorisches Museum  
For God´s Honour and for the Country´s Best - The Franckeschen Foundations and Prussia: Aspects of an Alliance   
Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle - Historisches Waisenhaus  
Revolution from Above - The Prussian Agrarian Reforms - Berlin - A Huge Belly, Famine Crisis and Providing for the Growing Metropolis (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Freilichtmuseum Domäne Dahlem  
from 14:00 to 17:00 Uhr Childrens Afternoon at Domäne Dahlem   
Freilichtmuseum Domäne Dahlem  
Guided Tours through the Special Exhibition "Berlin- A Huge Belly - Famine Crisis and Providing for the Growing Metropolis   
Freilichtmuseum Domäne Dahlem  
Frederick the Great - Life and Work   
Friedrich-der-Große-Museum, Sinsheim-Steinsfurt  
from 10:00 to 18:00 Uhr Fridericus Rex - Lovis Corinth   
Gesellschaft Historisches Berlin e.V  
Prussian Colonization Policy - Glassworks in the Uckermark   
Glashütte Annenwalde  
Milestones: A Voyage Of Discovery Through Brandenburg - Prussia (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte  
from 10:00 to 18:00 Uhr Military History of the 20th Century   
Haus des Buches und der Geschichte, Wünsdorf  
Prussian Military   
Heimatmuseum Falkensee  
Hanging by a Silk Thread...Colonization and State Cultivation in Treptow-Köpenick under Frederick II (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Heimatmuseum Treptow  
State Cultivation in Berlin´s South (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Heimatmuseum und Heimatarchiv Zehlendorf  
On the History of Inland Navigation on Spree and Havel   
Historischer Hafen Berlin  
Kurbrandenburg on sea   
Historischer Hafen Berlin  
Prussia´s "Frauenzimmer" ( Prussia´s Women)) (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Kloster Stift zum Heiligengrabe  
Tolerance in Prussia   
Klosterkirche Neuruppin  
200 Years of Optics at Rathenow - Selection of Optic Products at Rathenow from 1801 to 2001   
Kreishaus Rathenow  
Prussia - The Court Theatre of Frederick the Great - Composers around Frederick II.   
Kreismuseum Finsterwalde  
300 Years of Prussia - The Knight Manor at Friedersdorf, a Place in the Middle   
Kunstspeicher an der B167  
The Hohenzollern and the Oderbruch   
Letschiner Heimatstuben  
The Other Prussia   
Lügenmuseum im Gutshaus, Gantikow  
Oranje Economic Policy of Luise Henriette in Brandenburg´s Northern region   
Museum auf dem Gutshof Liebenberg  
Prussian Values - Money and Decoration in the Kingdom of Prussia between 1701 and 1918   
Museum in der Adler-Apotheke  
200th Anniversary of the Death of Daniel Chodowiecki   
Museum Mitte von Berlin  
Prussian Personalities and Contributions to the Crowning History 1701   
Museum Perleberg  
The Valley of Castles and Gardens - The Hirschberger Tal in Schlesien - a mutual cultural legacy   
Muzeum Okregowe w Jeleniej Górzy / Bezirksmuseum in Hirschberg  
Revolution from Above - The Prussian Agrarian Reforms - Backpack Farmers and Poor Landowners: Agrarian Reforms in the Niederlausitz   
Niederlausitzer Sorbisches Dorfmuseum Bloischdorf - Agrarhistorischer Bauernhof  
Art Iron Works (Exhibition by the Artworks Smith Schwuchow from Angermünde)   
Nikolaikirche Oderberg  
Crown and Eagle - The Foundation of the Order of the Black Eagle in 1701 and its Meaning for Prussia   
Preußen-Museum NRW  
Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds - People and Rank in 18th Century in Prussia   
Preußen-Museum NRW  
Castles and Manor Houses in East Prussia - Stages of a Coronation Journey   
Schloss Demerthin  
Protector of Beauty - Prince Carl von Preußen´s 200th Birthday   
Schloss Glienicke  
Opening of Schloss Paretz   
Schloss Paretz  
Queen Elisabeth Christine of Prussia - The Lifestory of Frederick the Great´s Consort   
Schloss Wolfshagen  
Wanted ! The true story of a Prussian arsonist gang   
Schöneberg Museum und Jugendmuseum Schöneberg  
His Whole Being Was Diligence - Office Period of Vicar Daniel Friedrich Schulze   
Spandovia Sacra-Museum der evangelischen Kirchengemeinde St. Nikolai Berlin-Spandau  
Prussian Walk through Neuruppin   
Stadt Neuruppin - Bürgerbahnhof  
Seven Prussian Walks - Neuruppin   
Stadt Neuruppin - Bürgerbahnhof  
About Fortresses - The Brandenburg-Prussian Fortresses at Spandau, Peitz and Küstrin (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau  
Prussia from Bavaria - Evidence of Prussian Military History from the Bavarian Army Museum Ingolstadt   
Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau  
Aristocrats who returned to Brandenburg since 1990 - their present commitment and the work of their ancestors from 1806 - 1999   
Stadtmuseum Alte Burg  
Lindow - A town in prussia   
Tourist-Info Lindow  
Lively Hand Weaving Mill in the Weaver´s Town Cloister Zinna   
Weberstube Kloster Zinna  
Life and Work of Friedrich Hoffmann - Inventor of the Ringofen (Ring Oven)   
Ziegeleipark Mildenberg  
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Joint Project of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg to commemorate the 300th anniversary
of the coronation of the first King in Prussia