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Revolution from Above - The Prussian Agrarian Reforms and Successes - Intensification of Agriculture (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Agrarmuseum Wandlitz  
Revolution from Above - The Prussian Agrarian Reforms - Agrarian Reformer Albrecht Daniel Thaer (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Albrecht Daniel Thaer Gedenkstätte Möglin  
Land Experienced - Theodor Fontane and the Earldom of Ruppin   
Altes Gymnasium Neuruppin  
Charcoal- and Pen-And-Ink Drawings on Theodor Fontane´s Complete Works   
Altes Gymnasium Neuruppin  
Caravaggio in Prussia - The Giustiani Collection and Berlin´s Gemäldegalerie (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Altes Museum  
Traces of Prussian History II   
Berliner Dom  
Berlin Summer of Museums   
Berliner Museen  
Royal Prussian Market Day at Cottbus   
Best Western Hotel Branitz  
Bettine and the King - Correspondence between the Romantic Writer and King Friedrich Wilhelm IV   
Bettina und Achim von Arnim-Museum im Künstlerhaus, Wiepersdorf  
Bismarck Museum (School Trip)   
Bismarck-Museum Schönhausen  
Being Bismarck´s Guest in the Prussian Year - The Bismarck Family invites   
Bismarck-Museum Schönhausen  
Prussian Valuables - Berlin Porcelain, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, New Functionalism   
Bröhan-Museum Landesmuseum für Jugendstil, Art Deco und Funktionalismus (1889 - 1939)  
from 15:00 to 15:45 Uhr Carillon Concert with Tour of the Tower afterwards   
Carillon am Haus der Kulturen der Welt  
Seven Prussian Walks - Cottbus   
10:00 Uhr Prussian City Walk through Cottbus   
10:00 Uhr Prussian City Walk and Tour of the Spremberg Tower   
Between War and Peace - Military and Society in Brandenburg - Prussia from 1700 until Today. Garrison City of Prenzlau (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Dominikanerkloster Prenzlau - Kulturhistorisches Museum  
Buildings of the Biedermeier Period - Architectural Painter Eduard Gaertner   
On the trail of Crown Princess Victoria - Empress Friedrich (1840 -1901 ) Part I   
Erlöser- und Friedenskirche, Potsdam  
Tracing Prussian History in Brandenburg and Berlin   
Fontane-Büro & Veranstaltungsmanagement e.V.  
For God´s Honour and for the Country´s Best - The Franckeschen Foundations and Prussia: Aspects of an Alliance   
Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle - Historisches Waisenhaus  
from 10:00 to 15:00 Uhr Childrens´- ArtSummer: Prussia and the Potato   
Freilichtmuseum Domäne Dahlem  
Frederick the Great - Life and Work   
Friedrich-der-Große-Museum, Sinsheim-Steinsfurt  
Luisa Richter - Paintings and Reflections - Alexander von Humboldt and the relations between Germany and Latin America   
Galerie Barsikow für zeitgenössische lateinamerikanische Kunst  
from 10:00 to 18:00 Uhr Fridericus Rex - Lovis Corinth   
Gesellschaft Historisches Berlin e.V  
Prussian Colonization Policy - Glassworks in the Uckermark   
Glashütte Annenwalde  
Fredersdorf at the Zernikow Estate   
Gut Zernikow  
from 10:00 to 18:00 Uhr Military History of the 20th Century   
Haus des Buches und der Geschichte, Wünsdorf  
Prussian Military   
Heimatmuseum Falkensee  
Theodor Schinkel - Paintings   
Heimatmuseum Neuruppin  
On the History of Inland Navigation on Spree and Havel   
Historischer Hafen Berlin  
Kurbrandenburg on sea   
Historischer Hafen Berlin  
18:30 Uhr Prussian Impressions: Frederick William IV and Elisabeth of Bavaria within their own Time   
Hotel Bayrisches Haus  
On Fontane´s Trail in Prussian History: Alt-Ruppin, Ruppiner Schweiz   
Hotel und Restaurant "Am Alten Rhin"  
A Knights Mansion on the Elbe - Castle Rühstädt and its owners   
Kirche zu Rühstädt  
Kleist - Pictures of a Biography - Watercolours and Etchings   
Kleist - Museum Frankfurt / Oder  
Pentheselia - the awkward Will   
Kleist - Museum Frankfurt / Oder  
Prussia´s "Frauenzimmer" ( Prussia´s Women)) (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Kloster Stift zum Heiligengrabe  
Aristrocrats who returned to Brandenburg - Their present commitment and the work of their ancestors 1806 -1999   
Klosterkirche Angermünde  
200 Years of Optics at Rathenow - Selection of Optic Products at Rathenow from 1801 to 2001   
Kreishaus Rathenow  
The Frederick the Great Court Orchestra around 1750 - The Brothers Graun   
Kreismuseum Bad Liebenwerda  
Prussian Seats of Aristrocacy and Noble Families of the Area   
Kreismuseum Oranienburg - Amtshauptmannhaus  
300 Years of Prussia - The Knight Manor at Friedersdorf, a Place in the Middle   
Kunstspeicher an der B167  
Our Villages under Prussian Kings   
Küster-Palm-Haus (Brose-Haus)  
The Hohenzollern and the Oderbruch   
Letschiner Heimatstuben  
The Royal-Prussian Air Force from 1884 to 1918   
Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr  
The Royal Prussian Air Force 1884 - 1918   
Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr  
Prussia - Development - Heyday- Fall   
Märkisches Museum  
Oranje Economic Policy of Luise Henriette in Brandenburg´s Northern region   
Museum auf dem Gutshof Liebenberg  
300 Years of the King´s Coronation   
Museum Burg Kriebstein  
Prußen - They "gave" Prussia its name   
Museum Burg Kriebstein  
From the "Lange Kerls" (Tall Guys) to Tank Battalion 421 - Stories of the Brandenburg Garrison   
Museum im Frey-Haus  
Queen Luise of Prussia   
Museum im Schloss Bad Pyrmont  
The Viadrina - A Prussian University in the 18th Century (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Museum Viadrina  
Richard Strauss in imperial Berlin   
Potsdamer Platz - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the Fall of Prussia   
Neue Nationalgalerie Staatliche Museen zu Berlin  
Architecture at the Nikolaikirche - August Friedrich Stüler   
Nikolaikirche Oderberg  
Photo Exhibition Amnesty International   
Nikolaikirche Oderberg  
PreußischBLAU 2001 ( Prussian Blue 2001) How temporary artists see Prussia   
Orangerie im Park Sanssouci  
The Meal Service of the Gräfin Lichtenau   
Orangerie im Park Sanssouci  
Potsdam´s Park Landscape and its Gardeners   
Orangerie im Park Sanssouci  
from 10:00 to 17:00 Uhr Nothing grows without care- Potsdam´s Park landscape and its Gardeners   
Orangerie im Park Sanssouci  
Time - Space - Potsdam   
Potsdam-Museum, Standort Benkertstrasse  
Berlin-Brandenburg on the Map - how did others see us?   
Potsdam-Museum, Standort Breite Strasse  
Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds - People and Rank in 18th Century in Prussia   
Preußen-Museum NRW  
We Prussians - Each after his own fashion   
Rathaus Babelsberg  
Revolution from Above - The Prussian Agrarian Reforms - The Sweet Aspect of Prussian Agrarian Reforms - Sugar from the Oderbruch (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Schloss Altranft  
...and I often think of Wieringen" - Crown Prince William in Exile in Holland   
Schloss Cecilienhof  
Prussia 1001 - A European Story (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Schloss Charlottenburg - Große Orangerie  
Magnificent Arts and Manufactories - Faience, Glass and Tapestries from the Age of King Frederick Ist of Prussia (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Schloss Charlottenburg - Knobelsdorff-Flügel  
Castles and Manor Houses in East Prussia - Stages of a Coronation Journey   
Schloss Demerthin  
Protector of Beauty - Prince Carl von Preußen´s 200th Birthday   
Schloss Glienicke  
Opening of Schloss Paretz   
Schloss Paretz  
Queen Elisabeth Christine of Prussia - The Lifestory of Frederick the Great´s Consort   
Schloss Wolfshagen  
Money in the Kingdom of Prussia in the Course of Time (1701 - 1918)   
Schloss Zernikow - Forschungsstätte zur Fridericianischen Zeit  
Wanted ! The true story of a Prussian arsonist gang   
Schöneberg Museum und Jugendmuseum Schöneberg  
His Whole Being Was Diligence - Office Period of Vicar Daniel Friedrich Schulze   
Spandovia Sacra-Museum der evangelischen Kirchengemeinde St. Nikolai Berlin-Spandau  
The Real Benefit - Applied Sciences in 18th Century Prussia (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Staatsbibliothek Berlin  
Seven Prussian Walks - Brandenburg / Havel   
Stadt Brandenburg / Havel - Tourist - Information  
Seven Prussian Walks - Eberswalde   
Stadt Eberswalde - Tourist Information  
Seven Prussian Walks - Frankfurt / Oder   
Stadt Frankfurt / Oder - Touristinformation  
Seven Prussian Walks - Jüterbog   
Stadt Jüterbog - Stadtinformation  
Seven Prussian Walks - Luckenwalde   
Stadt Luckenwalde - Stadtinformation  
Seven Prussian Walks - Neuruppin   
Stadt Neuruppin - Bürgerbahnhof  
Prussian Walk through Neuruppin   
Stadt Neuruppin - Bürgerbahnhof  
About Fortresses - The Brandenburg-Prussian Fortresses at Spandau, Peitz and Küstrin (Landesausstellung – State Exhibition)  
Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau  
Prussia from Bavaria - Evidence of Prussian Military History from the Bavarian Army Museum Ingolstadt   
Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau  
SummerMusic - Baroque Concerts   
Stadtkirche Lindow  
Noble Sirs and New Machines- Modern Wittenberge and its Old Aristrocacy   
Stadtmuseum Alte Burg  
From Saxon Administration to Prussian District and Garrison Town   
Stadtmuseum Jüterbog  
The Castle and the Margraves of Brandenburg - Schwedt and their Castle   
Stadtmuseum Schwedt  
Theater Festival Netzeband   
Temnitzkirche Netzeband  
Lindow - A town in prussia   
Tourist-Info Lindow  
09:30 Uhr Bike Tours through Prussian villages   
Tourist-Info Lindow  
Lively Hand Weaving Mill in the Weaver´s Town Cloister Zinna   
Weberstube Kloster Zinna  
from 14:30 to 18:00 Uhr Mill at Schwärztal 2001   
Life and Work of Friedrich Hoffmann - Inventor of the Ringofen (Ring Oven)   
Ziegeleipark Mildenberg  
... In Connection with His Majesty`s favourite Idea - Friedrich Wilhelm IV and Lehnin   
Zisterzienserkloster Lehnin  
A Table for Küstrin - Approaching a destroyed place   
Zitadelle Spandau  
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