The PrussianYearBook
An Almanac

The PrussianYearBook, an almanac accompanying the exhibitions and events which make up "Preußen 2001", is a collection of essays by politicans, writers and historicians which covers the most widely-varied aspects of Prussia`s cultural history. They examine loyalty to the Prussian crown and the way it is seen from the Bavarian point of view; the emancipation of hearts; the King and his officials; Prussia`s women; and the Great Deed. They ask who trained princes to become kings, what the true nature of "real gain" is, and how Holland`s Oranje ended up in the sands of the Mark Brandenburg.

ISBN 3-930929-14-7, 160 pages, numerous b/w and color pictures, historical maps, commented register of places and inserted map of Berlin and Brandenburg

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Prussia One To One - sold out !
Prussia Year 2001 Calendar

Prussia One To One (Preussen eins zu eins) offers unusual views of Berlin and Brandenburg`s history. Motifes from art, science, technology, culture and agriculture are shown in original size.

Size: 40 cm x 52 cm. Photograph: Hagen Immel, published Oct. 2000

Price: 10 DM incl. post and packaging

Sold out!

Joint Project of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg to commemorate the 300th anniversary
of the coronation of the first King in Prussia